HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION is the wholly owned subsidiary of the German company DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH. HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION is located in Schaumburg, IL 15 minutes northwest of Chicago. Sales, service and all corporate responsibilities for North America are handled out of this location. In addition, training for our distributors and customers is conducted on a continual basis at the Schaumburg office.



Milestones in HEIDENHAIN’s History and Product Development

The origins of our company lie in a metal etching factory established in late-nineteenth century Berlin. Founded by Wilhelm Heidenhain in 1889, this firm manufactured templates, signs, scales and graduations. After World War II, Wilhelm Heidenhain’s son established today’s company, DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH, in the Bavarian municipality of Traunreut. Graduations and price scales for the retail trade were among our first products. Drawing on experiments he had conducted in Berlin, Johannes Heidenhain began producing first-of-their-kind optical position measuring systems for machine tools. Dr. Heidenhain and his team subsequently developed photoelectrical linear and angular encoders. These and other innovations produced by HEIDENHAIN initiated the automation of numerous machines and manufacturing plants.

During the past two generations, DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH has emerged as an important manufacturer of numerical controls and drive technology for machine tools.

For nearly 125 years, HEIDENHAIN has pioneered highly technical solutions to complex manufacturing requirements. To ensure his company would always remain true to his principles, in 1970 Dr. Johannes Heidenhain entrusted the shares of his company to a foundation. Dr. Heidenhain’s objective was to ensure both the continuity of his company and his firm’s unwavering commitment to technical progress. Dr. Heidenhain’s foresight has allowed us to continue to invest extensively in applied research and development.

HEIDENHAIN Product Spectrum

This following pages offer you an overview of the HEIDENHAIN product program. In the Length Measurement and Angle Measurement areas you will find position measuring devices such as linear encoders, length gauges, angle encoders and rotary encoders, in absolute and incremental versions, for industrial applications and for measuring laboratories.

Machine Tool Control presents the HEIDENHAIN contouring controls for milling and lathe machines, which on the one hand are designed for use on the machine-shop floor, but on the other hand these controls are also suited for automated production, such as in machining centers with tool and pallet changers.

In the Setup and Measurement area you will find the touch probes, which help you to reduce the setup times of your machine tools, as well as highly precise measuring systems for machine tool inspection and acceptance testin

Controlling Machine Tools

Setup and Measurement

Measured Value Acqusition and Display

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