E+H Vietnam,Level limit switch sensing FTM21-4G245A E+H

Application Soliphant T is a robust level limit switch for silos with fine-grained or coarse-grained, non-fluidised bulk solids. The various designs means the device has a wide range of applications. Certificates are also available for use in dust incendive hazard areas. FTM20 compact design (250 mm) as vibrating rod for installation in any direction FTM21 vibrating rod with extension pipe (500 mm/1000 mm/1500 mm/20 in/40 in/60 in) for installation in any direction Typical applications: cereals, coffee beans, sugar, animal feed, rice, detergents, dye powder, chalk, gypsum, cement, sand, plastic granules Your benefits • No calibration: easy commissioning (plug and play) • Insensitive to build-up: maintenance-free operation • No mechanically moving parts: no wear, long operating life • Sensor material 316L: hardly any abrasion even with building materials • F16 plastic housing with cover with sight glass: switch status visible from outside • F18 aluminium housing also available • Insensitive to external vibration and flow noises • Also available with explosion protection ATEX II 1/3 D, FM or CSA approval

100% EU Origin

E+H Vietnam

Code: FTM21-4G245A
 Description: Level limit switch sensing

100% EU Origin

E+H Vietnam

 Description: Level radar


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