Asco Co2 Vietnam,Đơn vị làm lạnh 4046612 (912721) Asco Co2

Compact, easy to operate and maintain, ASCO high performance CO2 Generators run from low sulphur content diesel, kerosene or natural gas. They are fully automatic and use a low concentration, aqueous monoethanolamine solution to efficiently and safely produce highest qualitygaseous CO2. ASCO‘s advanced CO2 plant designs employ the latest technology for refined high performance, user friendly controls, flexible layout and ultra-efficient operation. The result is lowest possible CO2 production costs, extended plant life and minimum environmental effect. Each plant is dry tested to the fullest extent possible before despatch. This ensures your satisfaction - and ours! ASCO CO2 Generators can be engineered to operate from low sulphur content diesel, kerosene or natural gas fuels. A dual fuel model is also available. This flexibility allows customers to select their most economic fuel. The design of ASCO high performance CO2 Production Plants has evolved from over 130 years commercial operation as a major CO2 and dry ice equipment producer. This unique advantage means ASCO CO2 Plants are engineered with performance and the end user very much in mind. Plant construction is from carefully selected materials to give a good balance between plant life, performance and capital cost, i.e. maximum value for money. ASCO CO2 Plants are compact in design and layout to make best use of space in your factory. Our skilled and experienced engineers ensure each new ASCO CO2 Plant is correctly installed and commissioned and operators trained in proper operation and maintenance procedures. A set of comprehensive installation and operation manuals is supplied to ensure installation as well as future operation and maintenance is carried out efficiently and correctly. Cooling System: Optional cooling water recirculation system to handle all the process cooling water. Plant tools, chemicals and lubricants are available along with CO2 testing equipment.

100% Switzeland Origin

Asco Co2 Vietnam

O/Part number: 4046612 (912721)
 Refrigeration unit
 Note : For PU tanks it is normally recommended to use fridge units. Thanks to the optional cooling unit, a stable tank pressure can be achieved at high changing ambient temperatures.



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