Asco Co2 Vietnam,Chỉ báo áp suất chênh lệch 4046616 (912725) Asco Co2

ASCO CO2 Gas Revert Recovery Systems are engineered to efficiently recover the revert CO2 gas from ASCO Dry Ice Pellet and Block Machines which normally direct the revert (flash) gas to the atmosphere. Advantages of CO2 Revert Recovery Systems: • Reducing dry ice production costs up to 50% by recovering the normally “lost“ CO2 gas due to vent typical of dry ice manufacturing • Automatic (PLC) operation • Heavy duty, compact and efficient design • Packaged, prepiped and prewired for timely installation

100% Switzeland Origin

Asco Co2 Vietnam

O/Part number: 4046616 (912725)
 Differential pressure indicator Media 7 for liquid level indication



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