Đại lý GEFA Vietnam,Van lưỡi dao AT200F - DN 350 DOMINO GEFA

100% GERMANY Origin


SSET Unit consisting of:
 AT200F - DN 350 DOMINO-knife gate valve
 knife gate valve, lug type for installation as wafer or lug type.
 valve for bulk material, COMPACT-cross seals. conical milling grooves in front of the cross seals, interrupted in the middle.
 lateral gate guide alternately interrupted in front and rear body.
 product-tight in both flow directions.
 flange: DIN EN 1092-1 PN 10, face-to-face dimension: DIN EN 558
 series 20, PB max.: 6 bar
 body: EN-GJL-250 (GG 25), reduced bore flow direction marked on both sides EKB coated inside and outside color: RAL 9005, electrically conducting gate: 1.4301, segment radius (45° bevelled),
 milled scraper blades,
 1. cross seal.: PTFE /silicone, 2. cross seal.: NBR
 Round seal: ceramic fibre, screws: steel, zinc coated
 Pneumatic cylinder BPSD2S3350A
 double acting, diameter: 300 mm
 air pressure: 6 bar
 body: aluminium, piston rod: 1.4104
 mounting parts: pillars, steel coated


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