MARK-10 Vietnam,Chỉ báo lực / mô-men xoắn chuyên nghiệp M7I MARK-10

The M7I is a universal indicator designed for displaying measurements from interchangeable Mark-10 Plug & Test® sensors. Sensor capacities are available from 0.25 to 10,000 lbF (1 N to 50 kN) of force, and from 10 ozFin to 5,000 lbFin (7 Ncm to 550 Nm) of torque. These sensors can be handheld or mounted to a fixture or test stand for more sophisticated testing requirements. Plug & Test® sensors are used with either the M7I, M5I, or M3I indicators. They may be disconnected from one indicator and connected to another without the need for re-calibration or re-configuration. All such data is saved within a PCB located inside the smart connector. The model number, serial number, and capacity of the sensor are identified in the rectangular label located on the Plug & Test® connector. The model and serial numbers are also identified in the Information screen of the indicator.

100% US Origin

MARK-10 Vietnam

Model: M7I
 Professional force / torque indicator



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