Hubner Giessen Vietnam,Bộ mã hóa gia tăng FG 40 K-1024G-90G-NG (ID: 19535) Hubner Giessen

Hubner Giessen FG 40 K-1024G-90G-NG Incremental encoder With optical scanning - Bộ mã hóa gia tăng Với tính năng quét quang học

Mã đặt hàng: FG 40 K-1024G-90G-NG (ID: 19535)

Nhà sản xuất: Hubner Giessen

Nhà phân phối: Đại lý Hubner Giessen Vietnam

Mechnical specification:
Construction type: B5
Dimension drawing: HM 08 M 57221a
Degree of protection: IP 66 / IP 67/ Type 1
Sealing DE: axial shaft sealing
max. perm. speed: 4000 rpm (limited by degree of protection)
Shaft DE: 11 j6 x 30 mm

Electrical specification:

  • Number of pulses: 1024 symetrical square wave pulses basic channel 0° (A) pulse channel 90° (B) each with inverted signals error output (ERR) and inverted signals. (ER)

  • Supply voltage: 12...30 V DC (class 2)

  • No-load current: approx. 50 mA at 24V

  • Pulse height: HTL, approx. as supply voltage

  • Output current: max. 150 mA at 24V

  • Max. frequency: 200 kHz

  • Connection: terminal box, 10-pole spring-cage terminal strip, connection scheme PN109-400 EMC cable gland

  • Equipped with the following Options:

  • Option N: reference pulse with inverted signal mechanically fixed

  • Shock-proof version (see catalogue)

  • Temperature range of device: -25...+85°C (UL/CSA: -25...+70°C)



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