Interface analog voltage/current
Output signal 0...10 V, 4...20 mA
Connection Connector, M8x1-S75
Working range Sa min. [mm] 0.00 mm
Working range Sa max. [mm] 103.00 mm
Supply voltage 16.00...30.00 V
Approvals / Conformity CE
  • General attributes

    Additional text Please note operating manual.
    The working range is teachable with the aid of the pushbutton.
    Specification applies to recommended position encoder BAM TG-XE-001 D=2 mm
    Approvals / Conformity CE
    Basic standard IEC 60947-5-2
    IEC 60947-5-7
    BWN PR 44
    Enclosure Type per IEC 60529 IP67
    Polarity reversal protected yes
    Power indicator Yes
    Short circuit protected yes
  • Electrical attributes

    Connection type Connector
    Eff. operating voltage Ue DC 24.00 V
    Linearity error max. ±300 µm
    Linear range Sl max. [mm] 103.00 mm
    Linear range Sl min. [mm] 0.00 mm
    Load resistance RL max. 500 Ohm
    Load resistance RL min. 2000 Ohm
    No-load current max. Io at Ue 30.00 mA
    Operating voltage UB max. DC [V] 30.00 V
    Operating voltage UB min. DC [V] 16.00 V
    Output current at Se 12 mA
    Output current at Sl max. 20 mA
    Output current at Sl min. 4 mA
    Output voltage at Se 5.00 V
    Output voltage at Sl max. 10.00 V
    Output voltage at Sl min. 0.00 V
    Rated frequency, AC DC
    Rated insulation voltage Ui 75V DC
    Ripple max. (% of Ue) 10 %
    Slope I 0.16 mA/mm
    Slope U 0.10 V/mm