Portable Cabinet

Lightweight and versatile - ideal for off-site use

If you need to assess colour off site, you need the portable version of our CAC cabinet. At an all-in weight of just 12kg including carry-case it can easily be taken anywhere. 

It’s also simple to assemble, slotting together in seconds. 

The CAC Portable is not recommended to be left assembled unattended or overnight.
The CAC Portable Cabinet is supplied with five light sources, typically: 

  • D65 - VeriVide's 'Artificial Daylight'.
  • UV (ultraviolet) light - to detect optical brightening agents and fluorescent dyes.
  • Tungsten  'F' - required by BS 950: part 1 (1967) as a test for metamerism
  • Your choice of two point of sale or alternative fluorescent lamps - choose from 840P15, 830, Cool White, D50 or D75

Other options may be available but the specification above is the maximum allowed. Please also note that dimmable options, and lamp options 'A' and 'H', are not available for the portable cabinet.

Dimensions (mm) Width Height Depth
Overall 675 420 330
Viewing Area 635 280 285
Closed (e.g. in Carrying Bag) 690 340 170

Please state your required voltage when ordering. The standard internal colour is Munsell N5

- See more at: https://www.verivide.com/product/portable-cabinet#sthash.6LhMj9jW.dpuf