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Thread Elements 101
Thread Height Inspection
Why Measure Thread  Height?


Proper Thread Height maximizes the performance of any threaded connection.  Thread height affects both the interchangeability and the integrity of a thread assembly.  Inspecting thread height is a highly recommended industry wide practice,as well as an  American Petroleum Institute requirement.    


Untopped, Black, and Flat Crested threads are all issues that can be detected by simply inspecting thread height.  From detecting a chipped tool to helping machine the correct minor diameter to preventing a connection from pulling apart under critical loads, inspecting Thread Height is valuable.


Gagemaker Thread Height Gages inspect both internal and external thread height for a variety of thread forms and provide immediate feedback on the integrity of your threads.   

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Why Risk Performance? 
Functional Roll Gage Measuring Part on a Machine 


High Performace


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Gagemaker's gages  measure various thread types and sizes save time and money, minimize error and more.

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Avoid incorrect pitch diameter measurement:

Checking Contact Points  

Before inspecting, always verify the appropriate ball contact points.  A quick check with a caliper or an OD mic will prevent this mistake. It also helps to regularly inventory your contact points and have multiples of your most commonly used sizes.  

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