Detcon Model RD-64X Remote Display
• Real Time Data Display
• Up to 64 Channel Capacity
• Backlit LCD Screen Display 
• Modbus™ RS-485 RTU communications
• Easy Intuitive Field Configuration 
• External Reset/Achknowledge Switch
• Extensive Event Data Logging 
• SmartWireless® Capable


The Detcon Model RD-64X is a read-only remote display unit designed to monitor real time status of a wide range of gas detection sensors and controllers.

The system is configurable for up to 64 channels and communicates using Modbus™ RS-485 RTU protocol. The RD-64X features a non-intrusive magnetic interface and a backlit LCD that simplifies operation and configuration. The remote display unit is field configurable and operates as a Modbus™ Master. During normal operation the RD-64X displays real-time status (i.e., channel number, gas type, unit of measure, and gas concentration) for up to eight field devices simultaneously. The unit continuously auto cycles through each of the active channel screens for constant, up-to-date readings.

The RD-64X provides Alarm/Fault status indication on front panel LEDs. Alarm relay outputs can be configured as Latching/Non-latching, Energized/De-energized and Silenceable/Non-silenceable on each unit using one Detcon RL-4 module.

Among the system’s unique features is a wireless option that can be used with Detcon’s RXT-320 SmartWireless® transceivers. Enclosure options include NEMA 4X (Model RD-64X-N4X) powered by either 110/220VAC or 24 VDC using an internal power supply and NEMA 7 (Model RD-64X-N7) powered by 11.5-30VDC using an external voltage source. Model RD-64X-N4X includes an external Reset/Acknowledge switch as standard (optional on Model RD-64X-N7).