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The latest industry newsletters from Fluke Corporation is filled with articles written to help electricians, engineers and plant maintenance technicians solve more problems and keep their industrial facilities running smoothly.

Fluke newsletters are designed to give industry professionals information they can use on the job, and show how to put Fluke instruments to work.

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The revolutionary Fluke 434 and 435 Series II Power Quality and Energy Analyzers will feature the most advanced power quality and energy analysis functions available. Unprecedented measurement capability, unmatched quality. Now that's powerful.

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Last Chance to Grab your Fluke Thermal Imager before 30 December 2011!
Purchase a Fluke P3 Series thermal imager from now to 30 December 2011 and receive instant rebates!
Model Instant Rebate
Ti27/TiR27 US$1,000
Ti29/TiR29 US$1,200
Ti32/TiR32 US$1,500

Special price promotions for Fluke Ti10 and Ti25 are also available.

This promotion is only valid for Batam, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam.

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