Through the use of original cutting-edge technology, Hitachi offers Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) Modules such as Super Thin-Film Transistors (S-TFT) and Super Twisted Nematics (STN).

Another area of innovation that Hitachi has been recognised for is the evolution of In-Plane-Switching (IPS) technology. Developed and released by Hitachi Displays, Ltd. in 1996, IPS technology was the first LCD technology to provide outstanding picture quality particularly when viewed at any viewing angle. 

Key benefits of IPS technology:

Ø  176°Wide Vertical & Horizontal Viewing Angle
 Ø  Deeper Black Level
Ø  Higher Brightness
Ø  Excellent Contrast
Ø  Exceptional Colour Saturation 
Ø  Colour Stability

IPS has since evolved into Super-IPS, Advance-Super IPS and more recently IPS-Provectus. Hitachi’s continuous improvement of IPS LCD technology now provides the best LCD solution on the market for the requirements of professional, high end and multi-user imaging.  

The diagram below illustrates the improved viewing angles of IPS Pro compared to alternative wide viewing angle technologies. In particular it is important to note the viewing angles achievable at 50% contrast level.

This is known as the Half Contrast Angle (HCA) which is a more realistic measurement of wide angle performance. The maximum contrast ratio is experienced when looking perpendicular to the screen.

   “IPS-Pro has a much higher and more stable image performance over viewing angle than any otherTFT technology.” 

   With dedication to constant product development, Hitachi presents our latest range of high performance panels to meet your every need.


 Hitachi had developed following panels for consumer product applications. 


Key Features:
Ø  IPS-Pro Technology with Super Wide Viewing Angle of 176ºC
Ø  Brightness of 260 cd/m2Ø  750:1 Contrast Ratio
Ø  Interface: MDDI (MDDI v 1.2 type-2)MIPI (MIPI-DSI) 

Key Features:
Ø  IPS-Pro Technology with Super Wide Viewing Angle of 176ºC
Ø  Brightness of 470 cd/m2
Ø  900:1 Contrast Ratio
Ø  Interface: MIPI DPI (24-bit RGB)MIPI DBI Type C 9bits (Option1) 

Key Features:
Ø  IPS-Pro Technology with Super Wide Viewing Angle of 176ºC
Ø  Brightness of 400 cd/m2Ø  800:1 Contrast Ratio
Ø  Interface: LVDS Interface + SPI (Clock synchronous serial interface)    


Contact us for these up & coming products.  -30°C to +80°C Wide Operating Temperature

Key Features:
Ø  -30°C to +80°C  wide operating temperature range are available in following panels:
Ø  3.5” QVGA TFT
Ø  5.0” VGA TFT
Ø  7.0” WVGA TFT
Ø  8.0” WVGA TFT
Ø  12.3” HXGA TFT 

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