Lighting Design Service - Product Information

Raytec’s Lighting Design Service is a FREE support package from our expert Lighting Design team who have over 100 years combined industry experience.

Whether you are using Infra-Red or White-Light, Raytec’s team of lighting designers can help you design and specify the best lighting for your project requirements, for the highest level of night time surveillance and site safety, and energy and cost efficiency.

Working closely with you, Raytec will firstly determine the purpose of the lighting for the specific application - whether that will be long distance CCTV lighting along a perimeter or wide angle lighting for dome cameras, lighting for safety within a car park, industrial lighting for a manufacturing facility, or an entirely bespoke application. Raytec can then offer tailored site plans in CAD or PDF format, highlighting the best possible lighting positions, number of fittings and detailed lighting levels. Additionally, Raytec can also provide individual site surveys and energy and cost saving reports.

Raytec can provide two different types of lighting design – 2D and 3D:

A 2D design is used to plot the individual light fittings onto the site plan, indicate the direction and spread of the illumination, and use contour lines to show detailed lux levels within different areas. This type of design explains exactly how Raytec will achieve the desired outcome, and can be used as a guide during the installation stage.

A 3D design is used to provide the customer with a visual representation of what the final installed lighting solution will actually look like.