VARIO Lighthouse Kit IR - Product Information

VARIO Lighthouse Kit (VLK) is a fully integrated lighting and housing solution designed for easy camera integration, quick and easy mounting with the ability to mount up to two IP or analogue cameras.

VLK provides two integrated VARIO LED illuminators, available in Infra-Red, White-Light or Hybrid. Lighting and cameras can be used together for a variety of applications including CCTV, ANPR/LPR and thermal. The VLK Control Interface delivers the highest level of flexibility and control for meeting exact operational requirements for outstanding 24/7 performance. Lighting can be easily configured for activation via photocell or on demand via camera or external input (e.g. on detection of motion). Lighting on demand delivers real savings through reduced electrical consumption and when using White-Light provides a powerful, visible deterrent. The integrated photocell can be used to trigger switching of camera day/night mode in conjunction with the illuminators.

VLK provides integrated bracketry for easy mounting. It is cable managed and pre-wired with power/aux cable and CAT5e cable. PoE for the cameras is available using an external PoE source (not supplied). An optional VARIO PSU is available to provide 24V AC/DC and the option forCat5e termination.

VARIO illuminators offer interchangeable lenses with angles of 10, 35 and 60 degrees out of the box. Other angles are available on request. The interchangeable lenses, incorporating VARIO’s hot-spot reduction technology (HRT), provide the flexibility to easily alter the output angle of illumination whilst maximizing performance and efficiency. VLK also offers Adaptive Illumination™ for even greater flexibility to adapt the horizontal beam angle.

An optional VARIO remote control provides the ability to set-up the illuminators quickly and safely from ground level.