Energy and Cost Saving Reports - Product Information

Raytec’s Energy and Cost Saving Report Service provides FREE user specific reports showing the environmental benefits, financial benefits, and return on investment from adopting low energy Raytec LED lighting.

The reports are specific to your exact lighting specification. They detail the Raytec energy and cost savings over 1, 5 and 10 years, compared to a traditional lighting solution such as sodium and halogen fittings; or a an existing lighting technology of your choice.
Adopting energy-efficient lighting, whether it be for a new installation or an upgrade, is just one sensible measure among many other measures, needed to cut costs, energy consumption and CO2 emissions in both the public and private sectors.

All Raytec LED illuminators deliver a long life, low power consumption, low running costs, and require zero maintenance, delivering significant savings all round.

For example: An organisation such as a hospital, using 100 old style halogen lights could save £46,000 per year by switching to new energy efficient LED technology; and £460,000 over the lifetime of the installation. The new upgrade would also result in a CO2 emissions reduction of 800,000 kg and 2,400 fewer bulb changes.