RAYMAX ESP SERIES - Product Information

RAYMAX ESP is a range of high performance Infra-Red illuminators designed specifically to work in conjunction with the Pelco Esprit (specific IR Lighting SMR model # 1-1GA103). The illuminators provide class leading performance, long life and ultra low maintenance. The units are designed to fit directly to the Pelco Esprit and allow for continuous 360° rotation.

The RAYMAX ESP has been specifically designed and tuned to provide the best possible night-time performance when used with the Esprit. The RAYMAX ESP is directly powered from the Esprit without the need for an additional PSU therefore reducing installation time and cost.

The unit is delivered with a purpose designed bracket to fit directly to the Esprit which ensures a fast and easy installation.

The RAYMAX ESP enables the Esprit to provide excellent night-time pictures in the most demanding installations up to a distance of 328ft (100m) when 2x RAYMAX ESP illuminators are used.

When used together, the Esprit and RAYMAX-ESP illuminator provide a cost-effective, purpose designed solution with all the performance benefits of the Esprit together with the enhanced night-time performance delivered by the RAYMAX-ESP illuminator.