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The BCS microprocessor-based COP90 board is a modular apparatus,  specifically designed for the load monitoring on cranes.

Up to six independent input channels are available, each one with a power supply unit (10 V DC, 120 mA), amplifier and A/D converter of signal of connected transducer (e.g. load or pressure cells, inclinometers, rope length meters).

The  analog-to-digital conversion of the input signal is effected by  a  dual-slope  A/D  converter; the instrument is a ratio meter, using  the  transducer supply voltage as reference voltage, so compensating any error due to  voltage drops along the connecting cable, which makes the instrument suitable also for electronic weighing applications, besides the basic overload protection.

The  input  channels are connected to the motherboard via data bus;  they  are continuously  scanned  by an 8-bit CHMOS microprocessor (different  chips  are used, depending on system configuration), programmed with a suitable software.

Up to 15 SPST output relays are available for alarms and/or commands (16  more with  expansion board); a further alarm (fail-safe) is dedicated to  detection of apparatus or transducers failure, monitored by means of diagnostic devices.

Up to 8 external commands (e.g., for tare suppression or hoist selection)  can be received, via optocoupled inputs.

Analog  and/or  digital outputs are available, for interfacing  with  external devices,  such  as remote repeaters, analog indicators,  printers,  computers, PLCs, data acquisition systems, and so on.  

The measured and processed values are displayed through two 7 segments LED displays, plus a 20 dots bar-graph.

Commands  and  parameter settings are performed through the  front  waterproof polycarbonate keyboard, with 16 numeric and function keys.

The compactness of this apparatus allows the installation in a 19" 3 HE  standard rack mounting, or in small metal cabinets.

The typical application fields of COP90 board are:

- Overload protection and weighing systems for portainer  and transtainer  cranes,  with monitoring  of l oad   


- Overload protection and weighing systems for jib cranes with multiple hoist,   with monitoring of radius and

  computation of maximum admissible load

The operational flexibility due to the modular concept allows the  application of  this apparatus also for other purposes, such as multi-point  batching,  or weighing of structures, with detection of the center of gravity coordinates.


Power supply unit: stabilized, 10 V DC, 120 mA; each channel can energize up to 4 x 350 W  load cells, parallel connected

Range span: as required, minimum 5 mV, maximum 5 V DC

Resolution: 4000  internal divisions,  reading resolution  2000 divisions, multiplying coefficient: 1, 2, 5

Accuracy: ± (0,05% of reading + 1 bit)                       

Sensitivity: 2,5 µV / LSD                         

Reading rate: 12 readings/second                         

Input impedance: greater than 100 MÛ                        

Common mode rejection: 90 db

Temperature effect: on zero: 6 ppm/°C; on span: 12 ppm/°C

Zero and calibration: through trimmers


Display: 2 displays, 6 digits, LED 7 segments, 14 mms high,  red; bar-graph, 20 divisions ±10% or 0÷100%)

Parameter setup: through waterproof polycarbonate keyboard, with  16 numeric and function keys

Alarms: up to 15 (16 more available with expansion  board), for maximum or minimum load, with SPST output relay  (2  A capacity at 110/220 V AC); alarm  values  and  time delay settable through keyboard


Fail Safe device: SPST output relay, 2 A, activated in case of:

                                                  * transducer measuring bridge failure

                                                  * connecting cable interruption

                                                  * A/D converter failure

                                                  * microprocessor failure

Digital input: 8 optocoupled inputs

Serial output: RS232C or RS422 or RS485 or 0-20 mA Current Loop                                                

Analog output: isolated  output,  0÷10 V, or 0÷20 mA, or  4÷20  mA  (maximum load 1000 W);  non-isolated output, 0÷10 V

Room temperature: operating 0 ÷ 40 °C; storage -10 ÷ 65 °C

Relative humidity: max. 80%                       

Line voltage: 115 or 230 Volt ±10% (to be specified), 50/60 cycle consumption: 25 VA max

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