Bộ hiển thị Digital indicator OP9 BCS Italy Vietnam - ANS VIETNAM

The signal conditioning board OP9 is designed to operate in connection with strain-gauge transducers; the main application field of this device is the overload protection on cranes, or the signal conditioning for transmission to remote instrumentation.

The instrument is energizing the transducers (up to four 350 ohms load cells, parallel connected) with a stabilized power supply unit, 5 V DC, 50 mA max.

The digital operation is managed by a microcontroller; setup and calibration are carried out by means of push-buttons and a small display.

Up to three relays are available, for programmable alarms; a diagnostic circuit

(fail-safe) is activating the alarms also in case of transducer failure or cable interruption. 

The compact size of the board (114x136 mms) allows the installation in an aluminium IP65 box, overall dimensions 165x140x68 mms.

Display: 5 digits, LED 7 segments, 8 mms high, red

Range: internal 16 bit, engineering unit to be stated; resolution 1, 2, 5, 10; programmable decimal point

Zero and calibration: through pus-buttons

Accuracy: ± (0.02% of reading + 1 unit of LSD)

Sensitivity: 1 µV/LSD

Reading rate: up to 100 readings/second

Input impedance: greater than 100 Mohms

Room temperature: operating 0 ÷ 55 °C; storage -10 ÷ 70 °C

Relative humidity: max. 80%

Temperature coefficient: 4 ppm/°C on zero; 4 ppm/°C on span

Line voltage: 24, 48, 115, 230 V ± 10% - 50/60 cycle, or 12 or 24 V DC

Connections: removable binding post connectors


-S2-S3  two or three alarms for minimum or maximum load, with settable alarm value and time

-UA/V-UA/mA  analog output, 0÷10 V or 0÷20 or 4÷20 mA, with programmable parameters

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