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The overload protection board type OP97 is suitable for the amplification of a mV input signal from one or more transducers - energized by the board itself - and  for activation of two output contacts, with adjustable alarm  values  and fixed delay time (2 sec.) and hysteresis (10%).

The  main  application fields of this device are the overload  protection  for cranes or handling machines and the level control for tanks or hoppers. 

The board is provided with a circuit for the checking of the measuring  bridge integrity (fail-safe device), if one strain-gauge transducer is connected.  A push-button for alarm test is also available.

The procedures for zeroing, calibration and alarm settings will be carried out measuring the amplified signal by means of a digital multimeter, at the proper test points.

A very compact board (145x123 mms) has been designed to allow the installation in-field, in an aluminium IP55 box, overall dimensions 165x140x68 mms

Stabilized power supply unit, output voltage 10 V DC - 60 mA max., suitable to energize up to two 350 W load cells, parallel connected

Load cells signal amplificator

Input impedance:  > 2 M W

Accuracy:  ± 0.1% of f.s.v., at nominal supply voltage, at 25 °C

Temperature effect:  ± 0.05%/°C  from 0 to 50 °C

Tare suppression and calibration by means of DIP switches and trimmers

Two alarm SETs, for maximum load, with alarm values settable by means of trimmers SPST output relays (1 NO and 1 NC), 2 A at 110/220 V AC

"Fail-safe" device, with activation of the alarm contacts in case of power and/or signal failure

Supply voltage: 48 or 115 or 230 V ±10%, 50/60 cycle (to be stated)

Consumption: dependant on configuration, 3 VA max.

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