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Compact and high-torque servo motors

With its new DSC servo motors, Baumüller has made the torque motor servo-ready. The focus in this range is on increasing performance in favor of a higher torque density, while at the same time drastically reducing the overall volume. In spite of this, a typical speed range for servo motors of up to 4000 rpm is covered.

The new DSC motors are up to 30% more compact than conventional servo motors. The DSC 45–100 motors have a smooth housing surface to protect against dirt. They are especially easy to install and have a high protection class.


dsc-dsp sizes

icons cooling no-air-waterThe DSC range is available in uncooled, air-cooled and water-cooled versions


Technical Data DSC servo motors

Subject to change. The values specified are maximum values.
For details, please refer to the technical documentation.


Optionally, we can provide planetary gearing that is perfectly matched to the DSC series: