High-speed servo motors DSP1

DSP1 45–100 — the speed demons

For applications with high speed requirements, the DSP servo motors complement the existing DSC range with nominal speeds of up to 6000 rpm. The outfit is identical to that of the compact DSC servo motors and the DSD range of dynamic servo motors. Thanks to their good acceleration and overload capabilities, as well as increased speed and power range, DSP motors are particularly suitable for applications in material handling axes, processing machines and servo pump drives.


dsc-dsp sizes

icons cooling no-air-water
The DSP range is available in uncooled, air-cooled and water-cooled versions

Technical data DSP1 servo motors

Subject to change. The values specified are maximum values.
For details, please refer to the technical documentation.

Optionally, we can provide planetary gearing that is perfectly matched to the DSP1 series: