Đại lý APLISENS S.A. Vietnam,Pressure transmitter PCE-28/-0,5…1bar/PD/1/2’’ NPT M APLISENS S.A. Vietnam

ALW and ALM type

Aluminum casing with programable local display. The design of the casing enables the use of a local display, rotation of the display, rotation of the casing by 0–345° relative to the sensor. Electrical connection DIN EN 175301-803, IP65 (special verison with cable electrical connection and IP67). 

Display with backlight allows to read: 

- measured pressure in user units or % of measuring range 

- current in output loop in mA 

Application and construction 

The PCE-28 pressure transmitter is applicable to the measurement of the pressure, underpressure and absolute pressure of gases, vapours and liquids. The active sensing element is a piezoresistant silicon sensor separated from the medium by a diaphragm and by specially selected type of manometric liquid. The electronics is placed in a casing with a degree of protection from IP 65 to IP 68, depending on the type of electrical connection applied. 

Calibration Potentiometers can be used to shift the zero position and the range by up to ±10%, without altering the settings (not possible with ALM and SG casing). Installation The transmitter is not heavy, so it can be installed directly on the installation. When the pressure of steam or other hot media is measured, a siphon or impulse line should be used. The needle valve placed upstream the transmitter simplifies installation process and enables the zero point adjustment or the transmitter replacement. When the special process connections are required for the measurement of levels and pressures (e.g. at food and chemical industries), the transmitter is provided with an Aplisens diaphragm seal. Installing accessories and a full scope of diaphragm seals are described in detail in the further part of the catalogue. Measurements under explosion hazard ATEX Intrinsic safety version is available for taking measurements in zones under explosion hazard. The installation of the transmitter in a zone under explosion hazard requires the use of a Ex power supply. We recommend the use of the Aplisens ZS-30/1Ex power supply and separator. Technical data Any measuring range 0...25 mbar ÷ 0...1000 bar (over pressure, under pressure); 400 mbar ÷ 80 bar (absolute pressure) Measurement of lower pressure ranges, possible using transmitter PRE-50G with GP process connection

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Model: PCE-28/-0,5…1bar/PD/1/2’’ NPT M
 Pressure transmitter 

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