Đại lý Elektrophysik Vietnam,Thiết bị đo độ dày lớp phủ Minitest 725 Elektrophysik Vietnam

MiniTest 725-735-745

Devices in the MiniTest 700 series are our best sellers – and for good reason: they have diverse applications and deliver precise readings, all at unbeatable value for money.

Overview of benefits:

  • Digital processing of readings by the sensor for quick results

  • Durable sensors for a long service life

  • Diverse range of applications for measuring coating thickness up to 35mm

  • Graphic menus and guide texts in 20 languages – ideal for use in a multi-national team

100% Germany Origin

Elektrophysik Vietnam

Code : Minitest 725
 Coating thickness Meters - Thiết bị đo độ dày lớp phủ 

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