The “CanNeed-ISD-3000 Piercing and Sampling Device” is for sampling from the bottled or canned products. Place the beverage onto the base, press down the handle and the piercing will be done. After extending the piercing needle into the bottom of samples, under the pressure from the CO2 outside, the liquid will flow into the measuring instrument. 

Application 1: Measure the melted O2 in bottled or canned beer

Application 2: Measure the foam stability of the beer

Pierce the bottled or canned beer, flow the beer into the measuring instrument and do the test. To combine with the melted O2 testing instrument for the measuring, or the foam stability testing instrument.

Technical data:

Sample inlet pipe: Φ6-Φ4 mm

Bottle / Can Height: min. 50 mm, max. 360 mm

Bottle / Can Diameter: max. 92 mm

Dimensions: 250 X 170 X 550 mm (L x W x H)