Order no.dbk-4/Sender/M18/K1 -   Microsonic Vietnam, Đại lý Microsonic - ANS Vietnam
successor availabledbk+4/Sender/M18/K1
working rangepapers with weights of 20 - 1,200 g/m2, metal-laminated sheets and films up to 0.4 mm thick, self-adhesive films, sheet metals up to 0.3 mm thick, fine corrugated card
designcylindrical M18
operating modedouble sheet control
particularitiestransmitter for ultrasonic double sheet control
means of measurementpulse operation with amplitude evaluation
transducer frequency400 kHz
blind zone7 mm in front of transmitter and receiver
transmitter cable1 m PVC cable with 2-pin plug IP 20
transmitter/receiver spacing40 mm ± 3 mm
permissible angular deviation± 45° from the perpendicular to the sheet
materialbrass sleeve, nickel-plated, plastic parts, PBT
ultrasonic transducerpolyurethane foam, epoxy resin with glass contents
max. tightening torque of nuts15 Nm
class of protection to EN 60529IP 65
operating temperature+5°C to +60°C
storage temperature-40°C to +85°C
weight30 g
further versionsdifferent cable length
further versionsdbk-4/Sender/M18/K2
controlsnot necessary
scope for settingsnot necessary
particularitiestransmitter for ultrasonic double sheet control

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16 605 dbk+4/Sender/M18/K1 
16 635 dbk+4/Sender/M12/K1 
16 601 dbk+4/Empf/3CDD/M18 
16 611 dbk+4/Empf/WK/3CDD/M18
16 621 dbk+4/Empf/M18/3CDD/M18 
16 631 dbk+4/Empf/M12/3CDD/M18
16 651 dbk+4/Empf/BEE/M18 
16 661 dbk+4/Empf/WK/3BEE/M18
16 671 dbk+4/Empf/M18/3BEE/M18 
16 681 dbk+4/Empf/M12/3BEE/M18
  dbk+4/M18/3BEE/M18 E+S
  dbk+4/M12/3BEE/M18 E+S

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