Canneed Vietnam

Model: Inpack 3000

CO2 Meter


1. piercing head assembly

2. pointer-mode pressure meter

3. sealing assembly


The “Inpack 3000 CO2 Meter “ is used to measure the CO2 content in carbonated beverages filled in glass and PET bottles and cans.

The “Inpack 3000 CO2 Meter “ is in practice used in two ways. Either the bottle or can is directly placed onto the instrument and then shaken by hand. Or the bottle or can is shaken until equilibrium pressure has been achieved, followed by placing it onto the instrument.

Once the bottle or can is placed in the “Inpack 3000 CO2 Meter “, the handle is pulled forward and the sample is pierced consecutively.

The pressure is read on the pressure gauge, as soon as the equilibrium pressure is achieved.

The bottle or can may then be removed from the instrument to measure the temperature of the liquid with a thermometer. The CO2 content is determined by means of the CO2 slide rule or temperature/pressure relationship charts.

For air determinations the IAM Air Meter can be combined with “Inpack 3000 CO2 Meter”.
• Determination of air content in the headspace volume,
• Determination of total air content in the beverage.

Technical data (changes reserved):
CO2 Measuring range: 0 – 4.00% v/v (0.8% w/w)
Press Measuring range: 0 - +0.6 Mpa
Temperature Measuring range: 0 - +50 ℃
Press Resolution: ±0.01Mpa
Temperature Resolution: ±0.1℃
Sample capacity:
Diameter: 92 mm max.
Height: 50 - 360mm (bigger by order)
Dimensions: 550 x 170 x 250 mm (H x W x D)
Weight: Total: 2.4 kg