The principle: A lightning-fast grip and powerful hold
KOSTYRKA® clamps for flat machine elements clamp pallets, slides, stays, supports, tailstocks, turrets and much more. Their very high clamping forces are impressive, they react extremely quickly, are extraordinarily compact and require practically no maintance. In short: KOSTYRKA® clamping strips, clamping discs and clamping rings are ideal for use in modern particularly efficient machine tools. 

KOSTYRKA® clamping strips and cassettes 
Clamping strips are forced out of their housing like a piston when pressure is applied. They contact the component to be clamped and then clamp it securely, as dictated by the amount of oil pressure. In the process, the O-ring is strongly press-fitted as the sealing part. The O-ring takes its original form again after the oil pressure is removed, and the clamping strip disengages from the clamping surface. The main advantages of this principle: Clamping strips respond immediately, clamp with more force and accommodate the designer with their exceptionally small space requirement. Clamping strips are parts integrated into the clamping cassettes. They also offer solutions for space limitations that make the direct installation of tightening and clamping elements difficult.