The CanNeed “GMT-100 Portable Beverage CO2 Meter” is common in breweries and soft drink industry to frequently measure the CO2 content during production. It enables a fast and accurate determination of the CO2 content in beer and carbonated drinks, either directly sampled within the production process (from e.g. tanks, pipes) of thereafter (from e.g. kegs). It only takes 3 minutes for one test, repetitive and durable.

Equipped with a manometer and a thermometer, the CO2 content can be quickly determined by GMT-100. Therefore, GMT-100 is widely applied in brewery and soft drink industries.

GMT-100 is designed to measure CO2 content based on Henry’s Law. When the sampling is finished, it will start electrolysis process automatically. The pressure can be read from the manometer and the temperature from the thermometer. By means of a slide rule, the CO2 content can be quickly determined.

Technical data:
Measuring range:
CO2: 2.0 – 12.0 g/L
(0.2-1.20 gew.% ,1.0-6.0 % V/V)
Temperature: -2.0 – 20.0 ºC
Manometer: 0.0 - 2.5 bar (option 4.0 bar)
CO2: ±0.02 gew.% (±0.05% V/V,or ±0.20 g/L)
Temperature: ±0.5℃
Press: 1%
Pressure bearing capacity: Max 5.0 bar
Dimensions: 275 x 75 x 190 mm (H x W x D)
Weight: 2.4 kg